This corner at Center and Oxford Streets is part of the well-traveled path to the Downtown Berkeley BART Station.

Cal can be a crazy campus and often feels overwhelming, but at the end of the day it's important to keep yourself grounded and to take care of yourself. So many of us study and work hard, but it's crucial to take care of our minds and bodies. There are a lot of resources to help you, and your fellow students are probably your best support system.

— Camille
Political Economy of Industrial Societies

Welcome, new commuters at Cal!

As a new student living off-campus, making connections with other students and getting to know the campus while commuting can be difficult. That's why we've tried to bring all of the commute-related information from Berkeley...right to you!

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A student with a heavy backpack and accurate stopwatch clocked the times it took him to walk from parking lots to major campus buildings. Remember, these are just an estimate. See chart or print out a pdf version.

Some background on commuters at Cal

(Unless otherwise noted, student housing and transportation statistics were generated from results of the undergraduate Student Transportation Study by the Office of Student Research in 2005.)

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